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Is work across distances difficult, time-consuming or expensive? Are your teams dispersed across time zones or even across a city where traffic issues mean lost productivity? See below for how we've gathered disparate groups, facilitated difficult decisions, and met the technology head-on so it doesn't derail your virtual meetings!


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The International Association of Facilitators engaged the Virtual Facilitation Collaborative to conduct multiple membership meetings across the borders of  14 different time zones. This enabled productive exchanges between their geographically dispersed members who had previously been unable to meet together to conduct IAF business nor engage in meaningful dialogue on important issues to the Facilitation profession. For more information, click here.

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As our first major foray into the world of virtual facilitation, we encountered challenges that taught us how to meet them with ease and grace. If we had questions beforehand, the work with ICAI cemented our belief in the power of community building and the potential for productive work and decision-making in a virtual setting. For more information, click here.




Using VFC virtual facilitators and Adobe Connect allowed all the academic chairs to have a voice and make decisions together. “I love the data documentation and the ability of one missing participant to listen and see the recording of the meeting.”

Taralee Hammond, Dean NSCC School of Access

For more information, click here.


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