Virtual Facilitation Collaborative

igniting productivity & passion through superior virtual meetings


WE focus on meeting design that allows for greater connection and engagement.

YOU get effective implementation and an aligned organizational culture that supports it.

Our facilitation transforms your group into innovators that make your organization and the world better.

Latest Training: Let's Talk About Race! 

Customized Virtual Training Now Available! Contact us…


  • Create community online
  • Enhance global meetings
  • Become a competent facilitator
  • Be skilled in virtual work
  • Prepare clients and participants to work online
  • Use the Technology of Participation (ToP)® for better online results

Virtual Facilitation For Every Need  Contact us to:

Tap collective creativity.

Discover the power of your team's diversity

Integrate individual perspectives.

Capture everyone's piece of the puzzle. 

Get business done!


Reach previously unheard of productivity.

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