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Virtual Facilitation Collaborative / Dialogue Sessions / A Compassionate Civilization – Session 2 of 7

A Compassionate Civilization – Session 2 of 7

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A Compassionate Civilization

The Urgency of Sustainable Development and Mindful Activism

 – Reflections and Recommendations by Robertson Work

 Hosted by: Kathy McGrane, CTF & Cheryl Kartes, CTF, principals at VFC

Held September 11th through October 23, 2017

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Session 2 Chapter 2 Sunny Walker, CTF Charter/Facilitator

Chapter 2 Recording: September 18, 2017

URL for Viewing: http://top.adobeconnect.com/p304kychsr7s/    (Content may be downloaded from recording.)

Chapter 2 Chart

If you are familiar with the ICA's Technology of Participation (ToP)®, note the comparison to the Strategic Planning dynamics in the Swirl below:

The Poll: In which of the 7 areas have you “dreamed” the clearest future?

The Question: In the 6 areas, what did you dream?

Environmental Sustainability:

Jim: Engineering professions have been working on this since 1997 or before, continue progress on UN goals

Jim: city by city, region by region.

Jim: must have a new invention of the household that is sustainable and broadly appealing and strong enough

Kathy McGrane: I am working small bits at a time to get our Association to recycle our plants and other yard waste as well as our potted plant material. that is my large small effort on my very local level. then to get my city to have a 5-year plan for sustainability

Sunny Walker: I'm reading “Climate of Hope” by Bloomberg and Pope – and so YES, city by city and in fact neighborhood by neighborhood.

Jane: I find this area so important but am weighed down by the impossibility of overcoming the trends that are being unleashed by beginning too late and to little. However, in the spirit of do what you love to do and do it the best you can, I dream of communities where the power grid is decentralized, we have community sharing of goods – reuse, recycle ….-  we help each other with collective gardens and we study together things we can do in our communities to make a difference  environmentally.

Gender Equality:

Sunny Walker: I'm not sure equal pay for equal work says it clearly enough for me – I dream that the work women do (and get paid for as much or MORE) would be more along the lines of the compassionate civilization's principles.

Elsa Batica: I see more fathers involved with the raising of their kids. I see more women in management. I see parental leave for both parents. I see and beginning and its hopeful.

Socioeconomic Justice:

Jim: must continue efforts aimed at the poor.

Sunny Walker: Money is no longer the determining factor in political outcomes.

Jane: Decentralized actions by individuals and communities work toward supporting those who have the least among us in terms of economics but perhaps more in terms of richness of spirit and overcoming adversity.

Jim: City by city?

Jim: Project “Towards a Sustainable Civilization” is attempting to redefine the discipline of economics as taught.

Participatory Governance:

Jane: Structure and systems enable all people to have a voice. Civil and honest discourses enable deeper and shared understandings.

Jim: this one is up in the air for me, not clear how all will participate.

Sunny Walker: We bring our pre-frontal cortex into the dialogues – not just our “already made-up minds” in the brainstem portion (real brainstorming vs. brainstem storming).

Elsa Batica: This is a very farfetched idea, but I see dialogues at the very local level.

Kathy McGrane: Wow the popular vote is participatory governance – let's make that change   so each vote does count here in the US.

Culture of Tolerance:

Nadine Bell: Inquiry and Understanding rather than judgement and exclusion.

Jane: Kindness is a respected value. There is a new movement toward “niceness” is not a strategy to “win” over what we know is wrong. There is something about becoming one’s adversary that bothers me about this stance.

Kathy McGrane: Culture of tolerance starts with listening and not fearing to speak what is on your mind. When new information passes into our head, we are no longer the same.

Nadine Bell: Sustainable Peace in the Middle East

Kathy McGrane: National Day of Peace is September 21st, I hope to get my message out about it and work with IIWP so that many more people are praying at the same time – NOON in their Time Zone for Peace.

Jim: methodologies of nonviolence that could go beyond demonstrating “against.”

Sunny Walker: More use of the really fine AVP – Alternatives to Violence Programs – that the Quakers have pioneered in prisons – these are highly participatory, facilitated and EFFECTIVE.

Kathy McGrane: Letting go of against-ness could go a long way – this would be a wonderful practice for peace.

Cheryl Kartes: We increase dialogue and understanding between all people, within houses, communities, states, and nations. We affirm a compassionate and caring populace in all countries. We work to provide food and housing to impoverished areas. We ensure access to health care more abundantly. We agree at the international level that current country borders are fixed – there will be no further war over borders. We collectively ban all wars or threats of war.

For further information and the author's response to questions posed by participants, see  Trusted Sharing Site.

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