by Cheryl Kartes

With businesses more cost sensitive than ever, what would it mean to “up” the benefits, maximize the return on investing (ROI) in leading virtual meetings? How can you increase the ways the virtual environment actually meets more of your client’s or organization’s needs rather than “just enough”?

The difference is in the quality of the design, choice of virtual tools and the meeting facilitation itself.

Basic ROI of Virtual Meetings           Maximizing ROI of VIrtual Meetings

  • Increased efficiencies and best use of everyone’s time.
  • Less interruption or delays from weather disruptions (ex: locally, un-drivable snow or ice will keep people home).
  • Reduced expenses for hosting a meeting (site, food, beverages, hard copies of materials, etc.).
  • Saved time by not traveling to or from a meeting.
  • Reduced carbon footprints, from not physically transporting meeting participants to a meeting site (driving, flights, etc).
  • Increased opportunities for team communications across national and international boundaries at lower costs.



  • Use facilitation best practices that ensure shared understanding, shared agreement and collective commitment toward action.
  • Design multiple ways to engage the participants, gather their input and support collective decisions.
  • Utilize visuals or imagery that increases understanding and/or expands on associations to broaden thinking.
  • Build relationships of team members during a “must have” meeting, not as a separate event.
  • Host dialogue that inspires creative thoughts, innovative solutions and building on each others’ thinking.
  • Be open to all of us being human in the context of work. Identify what has value, meaning and significance to each of us, encouraging us to share who we are with each other.  Learning about each other helps increase respect and reduce fears, improving our team communications. Don’t forget fun and humor!
  • Appreciate each other’s gifts and skills. Gain a sense of how each team member contributes to the work of the team and build confidence that you can draw upon each other’s skill base to create a better result.
  • Provide a safe environment for sharing our vulnerabilities, in order to enhance trust, engagement and productivity.

The basic insights on the ROI of virtual meetings can clearly demonstrate business impact. However, maximizing the virtual environment to shift behaviors and achieve improved outcomes can help set you and your organization apart from the competition.


Please share with us what you have done to improve the virtual meetings you are leading.  Comment below, or contact me directly at



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Maximizing your ROI with Virtual Meetings

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