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Catherine Tornbom

Catherine is a seasoned consultant, executive coach, mediator, speaker and trainer. She has successfully resolved issues involving management team conflict, poor communication, productivity roadblocks and stress in her professional work with Tornbom Formalclients. Catherine provides clients with her powerful Collaboration for Results™ solutions. Solutions that successfully assess organizational weaknesses, foster improved communication, facilitate strategic planning and goal setting, provide team building, resolve workplace conflict, reduce stress and enhance productivity. During her career, Ms. Tornbom has garnered expertise as a leader, facilitator and coach. Catherine appreciates and understands the multi-faceted inner workings of people and their relationships with co-workers and their work environment through many years of mastery of the disciplines listed below.


  • Certified Association Executive: American Society of Association Executives
  • Qualified Trainer: Institute of Cultural Affairs
  • Qualified Trainer: Beyond Conflict Accountable Collaboration
  • Mediation Certified: State of California Community Mediation
  • Certified Enneagram Instructor: Enneagram Professional Training Program
  • Sandan (3rd degree Blackbelt): Aikido (Aikikai Foundation, Tokyo, Japan)

Listen to Catherine's podcast on Meeting Tips Radio.          Alternate email:

PHONE: 520.289.7117

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