Cheryl Kartes is a Mentor Trainer in the Technology of Participation (ToP®) methods and a Certified ToP® Facilitator (CTF). Cheryl’s virtual and face-to-face facilitation includes her work as a visual practitioner, with graphic facilitation, visual mapping and coaching services. She specializes in strategic planning, collaborative projects and the human side of teamwork, using creative, experiential and participatory methods.

Since January 2009, Cheryl Kartes served on the Board of the Institute of Cultural Affairs in the USA (ICA-USA) where she continues as the Vice Chair through 2014.  She is a member of MNToP team 1994-present, in Minnesota.

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Cheryl is a key national faculty member for the Power of Image Shift, Facilitation Graphics, Facilitating Innovation, Environmental Scanning Approaches, Facilitating Conciliation, and other Technology of Participation (ToP)® courses developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs. Cheryl also served as a Guide Team member (1993-1998) for the annual 16-day Leadership Options program of the ICA in Chicago, the ICA's This Moment in Time retreat, and The Profound Journey Dialogue retreat.

Cheryl has served in many leadership roles for the  ToP Network (including co-founder and co-chair 2007-8) and for the Minnesota Facilitators Network (including co-founder 1993, co-chair) where she is the only person with a lifetime membership. She is a member of the following organizations: International Association of Facilitators (co-chair for IAF Int'l Conf in 2001), Global Facilitation Service Corp, MN Organization Development Network, and the International Forum of Visual Practitioners. Cheryl was a program associate (1988-1994) with the Reflective Leadership Center at the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the U of MN.

Cheryl Kartes was the Executive Director of Artspace Projects, Inc., initially the co-founder and Associate Director. She established the National Artspace Development Network and is the author of Creating Space: A Guide to Real Estate Development for Artists. Through Artspace, Cheryl was a nonprofit developer who created outreach, educational and service programs, built public/private partnerships, and developed housing cooperatives and other collaborative projects for multiple organizations. Cheryl facilitated workshops, cooperative training, marketing studies, focus groups and community-wide meetings.

Cheryl@virtualfacilitationcollaborative.com          Alternative email: kartes@aol.com

PHONE: 612-788-2107

CELL: 612-998-1201

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