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Nadine Bell is a master facilitator, ToP® Mentor Trainer and Executive Coach. She specializes in Strategic Planning and Organizational Development, Conflict Transformation and StrengthsFinder Individual Development and Team Dynamics. Nadine is the creator of Consciously Competent Meetings for Leaders; she provides leaders responsible for effective meeting outcomes training on Best Practices for successful meetings. This Past Chair of the International Association of Facilitators is the only facilitator who has earned all three facilitator certifications: CPF, CMF, CTF and she has assessed candidates for these certifications globally.

In her role with the University of Texas at Dallas Masters Degree in Organizational Development and Change Management program, Nadine coached the cohort group in their exploration of how they impacted their organization, people and events. Nadine has served on the faculty of the Center for Non Profit Management’s Leadership Certificate Program for Executives since 2005. Her Living our Leadership Strengths program has consistently received outstanding evaluations.

Nadine is a past chair of the International Association of Facilitators and is the co-author of “The Big Picture, Creating Ongoing Client Relationships” chapter in the IAF Handbook of Group Facilitation.

Nadine earned her Bachelors and Masters Degrees from the University of Michigan and received her training in Mediation from the Dispute Mediation Services of Dallas, Texas.

Listen to Nadine's podcast on Meeting Tips Radio.           Alternative email:

PHONE: 972-404-1333

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