Let's Talk About Race!

  • Were you deeply saddened and shocked by the murder of George Floyd? Or Breonna Taylor and countless others?
  • Do you wonder why racism continues to be an issue in this day and age? 
  • Do you struggle with how to respond to all of this?

So do we. We began using our own dialogue method to unpack this complex set of issues. As we had these conversations with each other and explored all that we needed to learn and understand, we hunkered down and did research, challenged each other, and took a hard look at our use of language and thinking patterns.
We devoted ourselves to weekly meetings to discuss what confused, bewildered, and appalled us about what was continuing to unfold. As we began to have these conversations with each other, we discovered how much they reveal about ourselves as well as the topic. We were surprised and dismayed at how shallow our understanding was.
As we researched, we collected resources to share. We participated in book clubs. We listened to podcasts. We watched video presentations. We discussed our experiences with race and how white people treat those who are not like them. We looked at centuries of history and how our entire system is built on and supports such treatment. We now understand more deeply that of those us who identify as white live in a different “universe” of experience.
What we kept hearing over and over again was, “What are YOU going to do about this?!”
We are taking this charge seriously. We've created a workshop to share what we are learning and teach you a method that we have used successfully for many years. It enables people to have deep and difficult conversations that help all of us take this journey together.
We are the Virtual Facilitation Collaborative. We all hold the designation of Certified Professional Facilitators (CPF) and /or Certified ToP Facilitator (CTF). We have been using our own dialogue method to unpack this complex set of issues. It is highly effective for having an informative, meaningful and productive dialogue.
If you struggle with how to respond like we did, we invite you to join our 4-part workshop.

 In this workshop you will:

  • Learn a dialogue method to hold meaningful conversations
  • Practice facilitating difficult conversations so you can do this on your own with confidence
  • Create your own conversations and get coaching to enhance your skill 
  • Expand your understanding of racial injustice
  • Access multiple resources to support your journey of education

If you struggle with talking about racial injustice and things like white privilege, join us for this workshop.

If you want to do something and are not sure where to start or what steps to take, this could be the most important training you take all year.


  • Dialogue templates ready to use
  • A step-by-step eBook manual
  • A Facebook group to continue the dialogue among yourselves
  • An hour of complimentary coaching

All that and our special introductory price is only $297.

Sign up to today to join our pilot workshop:   Let’s Talk About Race! 

                        Thursdays, February 18 through March 11th, 12Noon-2:00 PM PT/3:00-5:00 PM ET.

(Please note:  The listed times on our Eventbrite registration page are now correct and reflect the times listed above.)

                     CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Because we want you to be completely satisfied, we are also giving you the first session as a “trial.” If this isn’t for you, we will gladly refund your workshop fee (minus the $20 processing fee), no questions asked.

                                              Join us on this journey.

NOTE: This special price is offered because we will be asking you for lots of feedback. The full price will be $497 once the pilot is completed and finalized.

Created and offered by the Virtual Facilitation Collaborative.   Contact Catherine Tornbom at catherine@virtualfacilitationcollaborative.com

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