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What’s New at VFC

Two women in a room usually means they're up to something. Can you imagine FIVE?

5 stylized people colors

Current projects:

  • Group Facilitation Methods ONLINE – Link to Training Flyer
  • Free live webinars – “5 Indispensable Secrets to YOUR Virtual Meeting Success!”
  • A Facebook forum to talk with all of YOU!
  • Introducing a brand new way to hold a ToP Consensus Workshop ONLINE – brought to us by Spilter in the Netherlands. AMAZING! Useful tips and stories from our own experiences – check out upcoming blogs.
  • New course in the making: Virtual Meeting Wizardry (secrets to the magic): The Fundamentals
  • Exploring the depths of dealing with relationships in online work – we believe this will be a new breakthrough offering.
  • And more…
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