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We work with a wide-variety of organizations, educational institutions, and businesses whose staff or members interact from multiple geographic locations. – – They may be dispersed within a state or province, or throughout the world. They need a way to meet online that uses the right technology so they can conduct business in a way that is both productive and motivating.

Leadership GLobal FaceOur clients are leaders and managers who are visionaries and change agents.

They are responsible for:

  • Developing a new organization-wide strategy
  • Introducing new technology
  • Creating a cohesive leadership team
  • Integrating new members to encourage active participation
  • Restructuring the organization structure, including roles and responsibilities
  • Managing complex change initiatives
  • Building the capacity to manage in-house technological needs

What our clients have in common is the recognition that well designed and executed online meetings are highly effective, reduce costs associated with face-to-face meetings, and contribute to team cohesiveness.

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We are ready to work with you to make your online meetings the best they can be.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

LEADERSHIP: How do I keep my leadership team connected and working on the same page?

Without regular face-to-face meetings, you may be feeling that you are disconnected and working at cross-purposes. You recognize team cohesiveness and mutual respect need to be nurtured but find it difficult to achieve.

BUDGET: How do I stay within budget and still meet my goals?

With budgets cut to bare-bones, you have to make decisions that use your money wisely and at the same time make sure your key goals are successfully completed.

NEW PROGRAM OR STRATEGY: How do I implement a new program or strategy?

Now you are charged with additional goals and at the same time you must attend to your ongoing responsibilities. How do you get it all done well within your time constraints?

YOUR PEOPLE: How do we attract people and deliver the benefits they expect and deserve?

You’ve promised your employees or members a range of benefits and they expect you to deliver. With your people located nation-wide or world-wide, you are looking for effective ways to deliver those benefits.

ONLINE MEETINGS: How can I assure our online meetings are a better use of my resources?

We've all been to online meetings that were boring and poorly run. There are many types of online meeting platforms that can be used depending on the specific needs of the meeting. Knowing which one to use and how to use it makes all the difference.

Ask yourself these questions, “What if we could address our primary challenges with creativity, effective use of time and stay within budget? What would be the impact on our department or organization?

If you are ready to explore this possibility, you will want to read on…

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Who is most likely to be successful working with us?

With over 10,000 hours of experience in working with organization leaders to create and deliver online meetings, we have found there are characteristics that distinguish clients with whom we can produce the best results. If these characteristics speak to you, we can help you.

You value people and the gifts they bring to your organization. You know that relationships are the key to successful implementation of any program or activity. You appreciate and recognize that it takes everyone’s dedication and contribution to have a thriving organization.

You value the role technology plays in achieving your goals. You are keenly interested in the ways that online meetings can contribute to your organization’s effectiveness. You are willing to invest the time and resources needed to increase your leadership team’s capacity and skills.

You value collaboration and partnering to achieve your goals. You understand that for the best outcome in any endeavor with your organization you need to engage the wisdom and experience of your people. You are committed to participatory methods that get people involved in the creation and delivery of outcomes.

You value and appreciate the expertise of consultants. We are dedicated to your success and partner with you to achieve it. We stay on schedule, keep within your budget, provide expert suggestions, and deliver what we promise. You actively share your dreams and vision, and back it up with concrete actions. Together we create and deliver an outstanding online meeting experience.

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Now that you know the kind of clients with whom we work, the issues we help them resolve, and what our clients need to do to ensure their success, click on this link to learn more about How We Work; take a look at Our Services; or go to our Client Experiences. You may prefer to go directly to contact us to take advantage of our no-cost, no-obligation initial session, to discuss your specific situation.

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